All Together Now, Count to 5 Again!

Lucy Cousins is one of our favorite author/illustrators for baby books. Her bright, colorful illustrations and simple text have kept my kids engaged from as young as 6 months.  They are FUN books. And colorful. And perfect for a Friday night when you want to brighten up the evening because everyone is tired and ready for bed (Including me).

Tonight was ordinary. I worked from home. We had leftover Bolognase meat sauce and spaghetti for dinner. The kids played a bit and had a bedtime snack of cinnamon toast, yogurt and berries.  There was a bath in there. Then PJs, then books, then bed.  Nothing ground breaking, but perfectly imperfect.

We read two new library books with D.  One was a National Geographic book with gorgeous pictures of animals and some poetry on each page. The pictures were nice, but the text was just okay. The other one was a non-fiction book about the Solar System. He is started to become interested in planets and the sun and stars.  Again, nothing to write home (or the blog) about, but both my husband and I each got a turn to cuddle with him and read.  He was asleep before I could count to 5.  It was an exhausting week for him and he is still recuperating, so i don’t blame him.

Lucy Cousins: “Nursery Rhymes” and “Maisy’s First Numbers”

As for Miss E. We read two Lucy Cousins books. Quick and easy and, as I said, fun.


Baby Book, Nursery Rhymes, Lucy Cousins


Nursery Rhymes” is exactly as you would expect. Bright photos. Standard rhymes.  A great staple for a baby library and a good gift for new parents. All of our nursery rhyme books are in heavy rotation, but this usually ranks pretty high for E’s choice.


Baby Book, Children's Book, First Numbers
Maisy’s First Numbers
Children's Book, Baby Book, First Colours
Maisy’s First Colors











The second book was “Maisy’s First Numbers”.  We read this book so many times when D was little, and E too.  Something about the white pages, the contrast of the bright bold colors and the size of the book were incredibly captivating for the 5-6 month stage.  We would look at these pictures more than any other book.  Now she usually likes more complicated stories, and might be getting a little too old for this book, but tonight it worked.  I would say that the ideal age range is 6 months to 1 year, maybe 1 and a half.  Soon we will be reading the other Maisy stories more frequently – I can’t wait! We are also huge fans of “Maisy’s First Colors”, but some nights two books is more than enough.

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