Moon On My Bed and Dreams in My Head

Such a nice ending to a comforting book that brings back many happy memories.  I first read “Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?” by Nancy White Carlstrom and illustrated by Bruce Degen, to D when he was about 1 1/2 years old.  I remember getting it from the library based on a book list I found online somewhere and reading it while he was eating his dinner.  Coming home from work and getting dinner ready while D sat in his high chair and we talked about the day wasn’t always easy, but it was always comforting.  When I pulled this book off the shelf tonight I was happy D agreed to read it.  All the happy memories came back to me, and hopefully to him too.

Tonight was the same but different from those nights a few years ago.  Now we have E in the house too and it is noisier, but feels more complete.  Plus, after coming home from work today I found out that E had a high fever, which means she is no doubt coming down with the same virus D has had for the last 6 days.  High fever + swollen tonsils + sore throat = miserable kid.  D is finally feeling a bit better though, which is long overdue in my books.

Now on to the Book Review… “Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?”

Children's Rhyming Picture Book
“Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?”

For those of you that haven’t read it, “Jesse Bear, What will You Wear?” is a sweet book about a bear as he goes about his day.  Books about daily routines are so great for young children.  They can relate to the book so easily because, afterall, it is exactly what they know and experience themselves.  Jesse Bear gets dressed, plays in a sandbox, spills his food at lunch, sees his dad come home from work (I’m always quick to add that Mommys can work too), and gets ready for bed.  Once Jesse Bear is tucked into bed he has “Sleep in [his] eyes/ And stars in the skies/ Moon on [his bed] / and dreams in [his] head.”

And not five minutes later, both of our kiddos were asleep. Hopefully to wake up healthy in the morning.

PS – Jesse Bear wears a shirt of red, pulled over his head (in case you were wondering).

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